Good fences make good gardens: photo gallery

In the part of Toronto known these days as Cabbagetown, the often-small front yards are surrounded by fences: some wood, but mostly wrought iron.

Go on a walking tour of this historic neighbourhood and you’ll find out that many of these ye-oldy looking fences are in fact 20th-century installations: during the First World War (1914-1918), then-owners of these Victorian-era homes were asked to donate their original iron fences to provide material for making war armaments.

There was one notable holdout, on Spruce Street: in a home originally owned in the 1850s by Customs official Charles B. Mackay, two sisters who lived there during those war years resolutely refused to donate their iron fence.

On my walks around this neighbourhood this summer, with gardens especially lush due to heavier-than-usual rainfalls, I’ve noticed a wonderful interplay of fences and flora. Hope you enjoy this collection of images.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos: Kelley Teahen


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