The random vegetable challenge

How a cook who likes to plan deals with the surprises of a Farm Share.

Orange is the new purple

When it came time for me to buy a winter coat a couple years ago, I thought it might be nice to get a pop of colour in the exterior wardrobe.

A musical odd couple

Of many things I did not know about Jimi Hendrix, the most surprising turned out to be that this rock icon had a serious case of Handel worship.

Our travel menagerie

On our recent travel to London, England, we met a woman was walking her white Scottie dog, whose scarf was a riff on the British flag.

A pint at the pub

Our recent travel to London, England, meant that pubs – and often, a half pint or pint – were on the agenda.

New views on London

The skyline along the curving shores of the Thames is dotted with buildings reaching high into the sky.