The twists and turns, part 2

As interior wall and ceiling coverings came down at our little Stratford house, our design, and work to-do list, morphed hourly.

Colouring our palette

A cloth table runner bought to cover a water stain on a bookshelf has inspired our renovation.

Peak teak

Now that we were planning to keep the teak, its aesthetic is driving many of our renovation decisions.

Our renovation retreat

The first thing we agreed upon, when we decided to renovate: We weren’t going to live in the house while the bulk of the work was going on.

What lies beneath

As an adult I’ve gravitated to older homes, which in Ontario means houses built in the 19th century. They are never perfect.

The kitchen dream makers

After two kitchen renovations fueled by IKEA, I wondered if this time we could possibly afford — gasp — custom cabinetry.

The dream kitchen

Knowing that, somewhere down the road, we had a kitchen renovation ahead, in the past three years I started looking more closely at other people’s kitchens.